Summer Reading

The new school year is just over a month away.   It is time to catch up on my posting for my summer reading.  I have enjoyed reading a variety of books.
I have books from my Camp-Read-A Lot list, my Maud Hart Lovelace list and books for just fun.

Books from the Camp-Read-A Lot for grades 2 - 5.

 by Pennypacker and Kassen:   I actually read this book last summer.  It is a very good read but I did need some tissues.   It deals with the affects of war on families/people and nature/animals This was one of the Global reads from last school year.

Wild Robot
by Peter Brown:  This book was a slow start for me since it deals with a robot that marooned on an island.  But it was an interesting book and brought up interesting questions.  Can robots adapt and have feelings?

Camp Read A Lot for 6 -8 grades

Wolf Hollow
 by Wolk:  Wolf Hollow takes place after WWI.  It deals with bullying and how war veterans were treated if they can back from war with PTSD.
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